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Helping Clients Gain Peace Of Mind About The Future

Do you know who will take charge of your assets or care for your dependents should something unexpected happen to you? The lawyers of Stumpf & Gutknecht, P.C., can help you protect your assets and make sound contingency plans through the use of wills, trusts and other estate planning documents.

We provide a comprehensive service aimed at helping you gain peace of mind about your future, your finances and your family’s long-term welfare. With nearly 75 years of combined legal experience, we have assisted clients throughout Illinois with a broad range of estate planning issues.

Helping You Create A Personalized Estate Plan

Our Monroe County estate planning attorneys take time to discuss your situation and goals in detail before providing informed guidance on an estate plan that meets them. Depending on your circumstances, your estate plan may include any or all of the following:

  • A will
  • Trusts, including special needs trusts, if necessary
  • Power of attorney for health, also called a health care directive
  • Power of attorney for property

We strive to help you make informed decisions that maximize your asset protection and minimize confusion regarding your wishes should you become incapacitated, for whatever reason. We have helped generations of families in the Metro East area manage their estates effectively, and many of our clients appreciate the personal attention and tailored services we provide.

Estate planning can be driven by significant life events. Maybe you recently retired or are looking toward retirement in the near future. Perhaps, you have recently gotten married or remarried. Maybe, you are expecting your first child or have welcomed a new child into your family. All such events warrant a review of your estate plans. Stumpf & Gutknecht, P.C., can help.

If your family has recently lost a loved one, we can also help you navigate the probate and estate administration process.

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